What Are People Asking?

  •  How is this course different than any other swimming courses out there?

    This is the only complete Learn To Swim Freestyle Mastery course available that is actually created and taught by a REAL EXPERT! Most swim courses out there are NOT taught by real experts and teach out-dated or flat out wrong principles. Also, other courses only teach you the end results and don’t provide you a crystal clear road map to guide you through the foundation, through the core principles, to the finishing touches like we do.

  • Who can do this course?

    Almost anybody! As long as you can swim at least one length unassisted without stopping and have access to a pool you can do this. What makes this course so different than any other course on the planet is that it is high performance knowledge delivered in an easy to follow Learn To Swim format. It's Freestyle Mastery...SIMPLIFIED!!!

  • Do you guarantee that I will become a better swimmer?

    Absolutely! Although results will vary from person to person, but it is my guarantee that by taking this course you will be a better swimmer. If you haven’t improved within 30 days of purchase and you’ve watched all the videos and completed all the drills in the pool, let me know and I will refund your money back. But I know that won't happen! Refer to our Terms Of Service for the Refund Policy.

  • ​How long will it take to receive my course?

    Immediately! That's one of the big reasons why I made this course available online. Your login information to access your course material is mailed to you within the first 15 minutes. To make sure you don't miss it, add swimmingsecretsmastery@gmail.com to your list of contacts. You can also check your spam folder!

  • What currency is the pricing in?

    Due to the global nature of our business, all pricing is in US Dollars (USD). If your accounting is not in USD, your billing statement may show the converted price to your country's currency. Exchange rates are calculated by Stripe at the time of purchase.

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